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Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.


How Is Skill Academy Empowering the Disadvantaged Youth?

For the past two decades, IIDA Skills Academy has been playing a significant role in realizing its mission:


Most of our students are from socially and economically deprived families. Hence, we offer skill programs at highly subsidized tuition fees, to help them have better livelihood opportunities. Scholarships for individual students or groups of them enable them to join the IIDA skills training courses. For some students, the training is entirely free, particularly in fully funded courses and training lessons.

Thus, it boosts their skills without putting them under an economic crunch. Furthermore, the courses we offer place our students on a level-playing field with their peers from the regular stream of higher education. Through these young people, families get to have a better quality of life, communities are transformed, and the nation enjoys skilled hands and responsible citizens.

What do We do for Our Students?

Many of our students are those that are considered not qualified for the regular stream of higher education. Besides the required hours of training needed for the Government recognized courses of NSDC, IIDA invests in the lives of students by giving holistic training in soft skills, life coping skills, language skills as well as in economic and environmental sustainability skills.

The Skills Academy’s initiative is to enable the least to acquire the best skills suited to each individual in the shortest time to achieve smooth and promising access to the job market and sustain them for the rest of life. The mission and objective of our IIDA Skill Academy courses are to fill the gaps and inadequacies of the existing education system while helping youth make a livelihood through their talent.

Skill Training Courses In An IIDA Skills Academy To Empower The Unprivileged

Undeniably, a skill can turn around someone’s career as it can boost employability. However, training that makes people job ready is not accessible to everyone.

And that’s just what our "Skills Academy" is about – teaching livelihood skills to the hundreds of young people who walk through our doors each day.

Vision Of IIDA Skill Program

The vision of our IIDA Skills Academy is to fulfill the ever-growing need for job-oriented, work-related, skill-based, and holistic education for those who can’t access it on their own. We reach the unreached and underprivileged by imparting skills, knowledge, life-coping skills (personality development), computer literacy, spoken English, written English, and communication skills.

How Does IIDA’s Skills Academy Work?

We offer one-year and two-year National Skill Development Corporation-affiliated diploma courses in various disciplines, through which we strive to serve our target group, providing them with the technical skills required to excel in their fields. Each student gets a high-quality academy skill and learning in handicrafts, mechanics, design, construction, health & social care, business administration, and other streams.

In addition to technical skill classes, our students receive training in soft skills i.e., life-coping skills, communication ability, English language proficiency, and basic computer literacy. It ensures their well-being and competency at the individual, familial, and professional levels.

Internships and career guidance support are given at the end of each course. Our devoted staff nurtures our students with great care, mindful of the importance of this mission. In the end, the students from the academy become skilled and job-ready. They fill the gaps and the missing link in the existing higher education system in our country required trained hands to match the challenge of globalization of our industry-on real-world projects.

  • Empowering the underprivileged for the last 48 years
  • NCDC training partner since August 2020
  • Trained 1000s of men and women since inception

Why do IIDA’s Skills Academy Courses Stand Out?

Partial or full Scholarships

Seasoned instructors and lecturers

Newcomers & Freshers friendly

Trainees become job-ready

Various Admission requirement levels

Helping Young Adults with Job-Oriented Skills

National Certification through NSDC, NCVRT, etc.

Verifiable qualification as per industry standards

Hands-on real-world projects through internships after training

Boosting employability and career confidence

“IIDA Skills Academy aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the young adults in our community. It equips them with the skills, knowledge, and ability to achieve real-world success, thereby enhancing the number in the skilled Indian workforce.”

Supporting Skill India Initiative with Skills Academy Courses

“IIDA Skills Academy aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the young adults in our community. It equips them with the skills, knowledge, and ability to achieve real-world success, thereby enhancing the number in the skilled Indian workforce.”

Our Skills Training is viewed as a parallel system of higher education designed to meet the growing demand for the middle-level workforce with specialized skills in a large number of industries and emerging institutions. Industry, trade, corporate, health, and service sectors in India are not only looking for top academics but have a growing demand for staff with employable skills and a good understanding of typical workplace challenges.

Therefore, we are set-up to offer tailor-made skilled workforce that suits the market needs and build a model to fill the gaps and the missing link in the existing higher education system in our country. We continue to rise to meet the expectations of our country to educate our youth to become dignified, respectful citizens of our beloved nation India. With our endeavor, skilled academy students become responsible citizens with entrepreneurial skills and self-sufficiency for our nation’s benefit.

THE Soft skills foundation

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy

Life Coping Skills

Life coping skill

English Proficiency

English proficiency

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Soft Skills Foundation

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Skill India National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India. It was established in 2015 by merging three existing bodies namely Skill Development Corporation of India Ltd., National Skill Development Corporation and National Institute of Open Schooling.Register for Training Programs.

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