Empowering Dreams

IIDA provides skill programs at highly subsidized tuition fees, to helps students have better livelihood 

Job Skills

Through job-skills training, we help them ‌be transformed, reaching out to their immediate communities.

Skills Academy

We equip young people with job-oriented skills and offer scholarships, assisting them to stand confidently and face their future. 3 Centres in IIDA called Skills Academies or also “Community Colleges” offer a host of training courses for selection.

Child Support

We organise support systems for children within slum communities. We provide them with healthcare and education.


Donors can sponsor skill-based IID Courses and Student Scholarships for the candidate of their choice.

Crafting Dreams, Building Futures

Skills development empowers entire communities by breaking the cycle of poverty.

“We create a thriving ecosystem that fuels progress, propelling communities towards lasting prosperity through Industry Standard training”

Empower dreams today!

Whatever we were able to do now and then, it was only because of people giving. Generously, sacrificially, joyfully, out of surplus or regular budget. Individual people, families, businesses, organisations, corporates, some government aided programs. Enabling us to do our Work of extending a helping hand and standing with us.


The mission of IIDA is to help underprivileged youth to get skills training to acquire good jobs for a quality future life. They come from poor families who cannot afford to pay the cost of such training. Only with individual sponsorships their training cost in one of our IIDA Skills Academies can be met. Deserving students from remote places require boarding facilities and they need help with a higher Scholarship amount as detailed below:

1. Monthly Scholarship amount INR 2000

2. Annual Scholarship amount: INR 24000


1. Monthly Scholarship amount with boarding INR. 5000

2. Annual Scholarship amount with boarding INR. 57,000

We’re always in need of helping hands and supportive ideas! And it will impact and enrich your life too! Want to know more? Sign up below.

Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association is a reputed organisation offering job oriented accredited short-term and long-term Diploma, Advance Diploma, Certificate programmes. IIDA has been in this field since 1974 and has rich experience in training thousands of men and women irrespective of caste, creed and religion, enabling them to get employment in reputed concerns.

IIDA empowers the underprivileged through life skills training to make them valuable citizens of this country, thus contributing to the overall development of this nation. IIDA works hard to include the excluded and to give the best to the least. IIDA’s training aims at the empowerment of the underprivileged, the rural poor, the urban poor, the tribal poor and disadvantaged women through appropriate employable skills training. IIDA’s goal is to impart skills, knowledge and a positive attitude.

Through job-skills training, we help our students ‌be transformed, thereby touching their immediate communities. IIDA partners with TNOU, NSDC and ITI, featuring a wide portfolio of certified skills-training – offering a platform of equal opportunities for all social demographics.

IIDA works predominantly with youth between the ages of 16 to 22 as they venture into adulthood. With a team of experienced and committed faculty, IIDA offers a place of learning, a trade, and holistic individual growth for our students.

Children of labourers, slum dwellers, and other low-income groups often get deprived of foundational early care and healthy childhood. Our Kids Day Care Thideer Nagar initiative targeted the children of slum areas. In Thideer Nagar, one of our first outreaches was in a big slum area in Besant Nagar. Here, the southern part of Chennai was hardly developed, and there was a dire need for Day Care in Thideer Nagar Chennai. Though the area today is considered an ‘upcoming’ part of town, there are still pockets of slum areas – where lots of people live in miserable conditions. Our Thideer Nagar Day Care Center has been a support to literally thousands of children. We have been serving hundreds of families over the years – and still care for up to 110 children aged between 2-5 years. From children to daily wage migrant labourers to orphans, everyone has seen the light of the day and a bright future with IIDA’s Child Care Center in Chennai.

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