Mani wants to be an Electrician

He lost all hope until he stumbled across an IIDA Skills Academy flyer and applied.

Sponsor a student boy

Rachna wants to be a Pathologist

Help her with a Student Scholarship!
Rachna could not afford further education. Partner with us to help achieve her dreams.

Sponsor a student like prabha

Skilled workers are rare ...

Help overlooked citizens like Jothi by partnering with IIDA to cultivate skilled, young professionals.

We offer underprivileged youth a chance to break out of poverty through financial help for poor students in India and to be the professionals they dreamed of as a child! Assist us in bringing change in their lives by sponsoring a scholarship for poor students.

About Us

Through job-skills training, we help them ‌be transformed, reaching out to their immediate communities.

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Skills Academy

We equip young adults with job-oriented skills and offer scholarships, assisting them to stand confidently and face their future.

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Child Care

We organise support systems for children within slum communities. We provide them with healthcare and education.

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Student Scholarshop

Donors can sponsor skill-based IID Courses and Student Scholarships for the candidate of their choice.

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Our Partners

Christian Aids Mission evaluates goal is assisting indigenous ministries based in areas of poverty or persecution
IIDA Impresses Hearts, Hands & Minds

IIDA Impresses Hearts, Hands and Minds

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IIDA Mission

Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association, or IIDA, is a non-profit association aimed at educating and empowering the poverty-stricken youth of India. Presently with its skills academy initiative, the IIDA is taking care of the education and employment of young girls and boys with an infusion of industry-ready skills. Apart from impacting thousands of lives of rural youth and slum dwellers with education, it provides daycare services for kids and hostel facilities for boys & girls. In its daycare facility, IIDA offers a nurturing facility where orphan kids or children of day-wage earners can play and learn freely.In its hostel facility, IIDA hosts students who arrive to study from far-fetched areas. They study and find ways to become independent while being surrounded by fellow students who have the same ambition of stepping forward in their life. IIDA is providing a strong foundation for a prosperous future for kids and young students. We welcome everyone to join our cause by being a sponsor or volunteer. Let us work together to put smiles on their faces. We will build a future where the youth is no longer weak or lost.

How to Sponsor a Scholarship with IIDA?

IIDA Student Sponsorship is an attempt to transform the lives of young Indians who are unable to access quality education and skill-based training on their own. We will help you find scholarships for students that are suitable for the student of your choice. To sponsor their education, kindly fill out the form here:


Student Stories

Latest News

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After the Corona infections declined, many of our former apprentices are again engaged in activities, such as Daniel here in Bihar, North India, where he ran a Vacation School
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June 12, 2022
‍Jothi doesn’t remember a life before the rice mill she worked in when she was a toddler. “My father used to tell me it was home,” she says. ‍Starting at 4. 30am, her little hands ...