Objects of a Society

The objects for which the Society is established are:
  1. To provide assistance, rehabilitation, technical skills and education to the destitute and the poor such as orphans, handicapped, slum dwellers, children of leper parents, poor women and analphabets;
  2. To provide work for the unemployed and relief to the poor;
  3. To offer aid and assistance to the orphans and orphanages out of the income from the industries;
  4. To co-operate with the Government and other authorities in providing technical skills to the needy and in assisting or running of educational institutions.
  5. To co-operate with other voluntary agencies or individuals in the achievement of the above objects through transfer of know-how and the setting up of a forum of mutual exchange and collaboration.
  6. To provide medical relief to the orphan children, destitute and the poor;
  7. To run farms and to assist farms of other voluntary agencies with sophisticated or appropriate technology as rural demonstration and training centers and for providing food for the orphanages.
  8. To solicit, receive, hold and disburse funds to meet the objectives above stated and to hold funds and investments in trust for the said objectives.
  9. To do such other lawful things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
  10. To make available benefits of the Society to all irrespective of caste, religion, sex etc.