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Exciting new staff training workshop

Our staff can be broadly divided into teaching staff and non-teaching staff.  Our skill academies and ITI teaching staff or trainers teach our students not just their respective core subjects, but also soft skills like life coping skills, communication skills, english, and basic computer. Interaction with different groups of people students, parents, companies / organisations with whom we have tie-ups for internships and placements is a main part of their everyday work. 

Our non-teaching staff, who are involved in different activities in our Head Office like accounts, HR, hostel, etc. , often interact with donors, government officials, banks and audit firms, etc. We understand the need to equip our staff with communication skills, english, and computer skills, for their better service. Therefore, we organise different kinds of staff training programmes. 

Priya Joseph has come forward to help train our staff. It is a 40-hour programme, divided into three-hour sessions conducted once in two weeks. Since the sessions are activity-based, our staff participate enthusiastically. 

To equip our staff with computer skills, we are planning to organise a series of programmes. A one-day programme for staff who have non formal computer skills was organised to train them in windows and MS office, which will be continued in phases. Staff who teach computer courses will be given advanced training in different software that would be useful for their teaching.

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