Meet Mani...

a student with a dream. Carpentry, traditionally a physically demanding craft, has become his passion. With dedication, he's mastering the art of designing, cutting, and building using diverse types of wood. But Mani's aspirations reach far beyond creating furniture; he envisions a future India where he crafts buildings, bridges, and even grand ships. To achieve this, Mani knows he must complete a certification in carpentry, and he's determined to make it a reality.

Empowering Communities Through Skills Development

Skills development empowers entire communities by breaking the cycle of poverty. IIDA's dedication to training young people from low-income backgrounds ensures their integration into the workforce, providing opportunities for socio-economic growth. As skilled professionals emerge, local businesses flourish, and entrepreneurs find support. The resulting economic upliftment stimulates demand for goods and services, driving market expansion and fostering resilience. Together, we create a thriving ecosystem that fuels India's progress, propelling communities towards lasting prosperity.

Join us in celebrating Mani's journey as he hammers away at his dreams, turning wood into wonders and building the foundations of tomorrow's India. Support Mani's education and be a part of his incredible journey. Donate now to help Mani build a brighter future!