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New Terrace Roofing for Womens Hostel
The treated terracotta terrace tiles have served the hostel well for 20 years, but now the terrace needs new tiles. After the severe monsoon rains towards the end of 2021, the cracks in the buildings started to show, quite literally. The flooding from the rains permeated through the ceiling and started to affect the rooms of the hostels. The young women were safely moved to a dry study hall where they remained for the rest of the rains. After this incident, it was evident that the terrace needed to not only be retiled but to be re-done with a waterproof sealing. Engineers came to evaluate the terrace and have given us a budget for the entire re-tiling of the 3000 sq ft terrace.
Donors through the three last organisations will get local tax concessions. 
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