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One of our first outreaches was into a big slum area in Besant Nagar when that southern part of Chennai was hardly developed. Though the area today is considered an ‘upcoming’ part of town, there are still pockets of slum areas – and lots of people in very bad living conditions. Our Thideernagar Day Care Center has been a support to literally thousands of children and hundreds of families over the years – and still cares for up to 110 children aged between 2-5 years.

  • a place to go to and play/stay in safety
  • basic health, discipline and hygiene awareness training
  • training to listen and respect each other
  • dignity and recognition
  • motherly care and affection (some of our staff have been serving there for 25+ years!)
  • help and advice for the parents if neded (and especially many mothers are open to that)
  • a full and healthy meal every day

All of this is possible with relatively little money, so we invite you to invest “just a little” into a very effective and practical way of helping the poor – and laying a healthy foundation for these children’s future!

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