Requires 20 mins or more. please inform info@iida-india for any further questions.
Details may be filled, or if attached as soft copies/ Email, just write “attached” Please send soft copy to info (@)
Soft Copies of the following to be attached:
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Franchise Applicaiton Form (DOCX) - click icon below to download
MOU IIDA Training Centre Franchise. (DOCX) - click icon below to download
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  • This filled form with attachments to be sent through official email ID
  • After the perusal and verification of your application, you will be informed of the possibility of becoming a franchise.
  • If Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association decides to proceed, the MoU to be signed will be sent to you.
  • If both IIDA and the Organization agree with the terms and conditions, the MoU on stamp paper will be signed by the authorized persons of IIDA and the organization with witnesses in person.

Required for application :

(to be sent through his/her official email ID )( With Stamp of the Organization)

The filled-in information and the details and documents enclosed are true to the best of my knowledge.
Place: …….
Date: ………

(Signature by Head of Organization or authorized Signatory)
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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National Certification

The Process Of Enrolling Under IIDA As NSDC Training Centre:

Now that organizations are aware of the benefits of getting NSDC affiliation through IIDA, they can assess the goals of their organisation and choose a franchise option with IIDA. The process for enrolment is as follows:

Firstly, confirm whether you choose the franchise for the NSDC option

Study the MoU for the franchise (

Fill out the Application form with your details. (below) and send a signed and scanned copy to “info (at)”

Wait for a response from IIDA. Generally, a personal visit or a phone conversation will help select the right kind of franchise, types of courses and, if need be, guidance for start-ups.

After approval and payment of the moderate application fee, the MoU will have to be filled out in duplicate and signed by a senior official of the organisation. The second copy of the MoU will then be countersigned by IIDA.

Start the partnership with IIDA, NSDC and the IIDA network!

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